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Kittery CAP Cohort

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Hi Kittery task force! Sharing the homework for the next month on the message board here. Do you have any questions? Reply to this message!

Next meeting with the project team: Dec. 6th, 5:30 PM

Task Force Homework!

o Public Engagement Homework – DUE DATE: Complete before the next meeting with the project team in Late Nov./Early Dec. (If possible! We understand that some task forces are not meeting as a group before the Nov/Dec meeting with the project team. We can also discuss these items then.)

  • Work together as a task force to assign a communications lead

  • Work together as a task force to fill out the Engagement Plan Feedback Form (one feedback form per Taskforce) to provide input on the plan and specific elements of the toolkit

  • Individual task force members: Review and update your community engagement directory with additional organizations and fill in points of contact, emails, etc. if there are things you know!

  • Individual task force members: Update your community events calendars with any events you know will be taking place in your community and the region that could be used as opportunities to engage the public about your CAP.

o Vulnerability assessment framework review (OPTIONAL) – DUE DATE: Monday, Nov. 14th

  • Interested individuals are invited to review and provide feedback on the Vulnerability Assessment Framework, which we will be using to complete the vulnerability assessment for each community.

  • Vulnerability Assessment Framework draft is attached below.

  • Please provide your feedback in an email to Abbie Sherwin ( by Nov. 14th. Comments can be provided as an email or though tracked changes in a copy of the assessment.

  • When you’re reviewing the framework, you may consider the following guiding questions:

  1. Are there any climate hazards you would like to see included in the vulnerability assessment that are not currently identified in the draft framework?

  2. Are there any impacts you would like to see included in the assessment that are not currently identified in the draft framework?

  3. Are there specific impacts and/or assessment outputs that are not currently noted in the framework that would like included in the assessment?

  4. Is there anything listed in the draft framework that you think is unnecessary to include in the assessment?

  5. Do you know of any additional data sources that the project team should consider using for the assessment?

  6. Are there specific work products (e.g., specific maps) that you are hoping the vulnerability assessment will generate?

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Frameworks Summary_DRAFT_v2_110222
Download DOCX


The greenhouse gas emissions report for the Town of Kittery ...
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