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 Local Climate Action Planning (CAP)
Kennebunkport Community Sounding Boards

Kennebunkport's first
CAP Community Sounding Boards
to take place in June


Kennebunkport's CAP Task Force will host two Community Sounding Board discussions in June. The volunteers for these discussions were recruited as part of the CAP Survey that took place in April.

The goal of these Community Sounding Board meetings is to create conversations on how climate change will change the Town over time and what the Town can or should do about it.


The Community Sounding Boards will provide guidance to the Task Force in:

  • understanding how the community would react to/support/not support a range of climate actions,

  • identifying the most effective and appropriate climate actions for the community.


The Task Force welcomes different perspectives during these discussions and is looking forward to lively discussions.

About the Climate Action Planning Process

Southern Maine’s Climate Action Planning Cohort is led by SMPDC in partnership with Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) and Morris Communications/Zoe Miller Strategies. The CAP Cohort is a year-long, community-driven process that will generate local climate action plans developed through a planning and public engagement process with each of the four participating southern Maine communities –  the Towns of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Kittery, and the City of Biddeford. 

SMPDC will lead this cohort of communities through a collaborative process, leveraging joint resources and a regional approach when approriate. The process will identify local climate impacts and vulnerabilities. An action plan for each Town/City will be tailored to individual communities, and the resources created through this project will support the climate action strategies and implementation plans of other Maine communities.

The goals of this process are to create:

  • A unique local climate action plan for each participating community, which includes prioritized issues and potential strategies for local and regional climate action

  • Increased public awareness and understanding of climate change issues and actions  

  • Increased public participation in municipal decisions and planning for climate change and community resilience.

A Community Driven Approach - How to Get Involved

Each participating community has a Task Force of dedicated volunteers and municipal staff that are overseeing the climate action planning process and inviting public engagement.

I am interested in being part of a future Community Sounding Board discussion on Climate Action.

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