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Biddeford CAP Cohort

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Hi Biddeford task force! Sharing the homework for the next month on the message board here. Do you have any questions? Reply to this message!

Next meeting with the project team: Dec. 5th, 5:30 PM

Task Force Homework!

o Public Engagement Homework – DUE DATE: Complete before the next meeting with the project team in Late Nov./Early Dec. (If possible! We understand that some task forces are not meeting as a group before the Nov/Dec meeting with the project team. We can also discuss these items then.)

  • Work together as a task force to assign a communications lead

  • Work together as a task force to fill out the Engagement Plan Feedback Form (one feedback form per Taskforce) to provide input on the plan and specific elements of the toolkit

Key takeaways from the CAP Task Force and Regional Kickoff Meetings

CAP Engagement Planning Update - October 2022
Download PDF

Please join us for our next meeting in the CAP Cohort process!

When: Oct. 26th, 5:30 PM to 7 PM

Where: Zoom (Register here:

What: Cohort-wide meeting with the taskforces from all 4 communities.

See the attached agenda!

SMPDC Cohort Kickoff Agenda
Download PDF • 102KB

Please help us get the word out about the upcoming Regional Kickoff for the Climate Action Planning Cohort!

The purpose of this event is to bring together taskforce members from all four communities as well as potential partners in the climate action planning process including municipal staff, board/committee members, elected officials, and community groups interested in climate change work. While it is open to the public, this event is not geared toward general community members (that will be happening later in the planning process). It IS designed to be a fun opportunity for us to get to know one another and build enthusiasm in our communities for the planning process ahead!

Attached are a flyer and social media posts for you to share. Please share these invites directly (email, social media, in person, whatever works best!) with whoever you think should be included in the event. If you have an…

CAP Cohort Kickoff Flyer
Download PDF

CAP Kickoff - Facebook
Download PNG

Hi there,

Very excited about the kickoff session on the 28th but not sure I can make it in person, will there also be a zoom link? Many thanks- Kim Matthews



The work of the Biddeford Climate Task Force will culminate ...
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